Hotel Florence + Victor's Bistro

Florence, SC

Historic / Hospitality / Retail

Three adjacent buildings, originally constructed circa 1900, in downtown Florence have been renovated into a boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant. After the “modernization” of these structures in the 1960’s and 1970’s, they went through much deterioration. Since then, neglect has been the primary attitude toward the Florence historical downtown area.

Key Architecture was hired to renovate these buildings by locating hotel rooms across three levels and meeting rooms, the bar, and the restaurant on the first level. The historical facade and many significant interior components were restored and/or reconstructed to their historical nature. Because the spaces were located across three different buildings but completely integrated, the design became a rigorous exercise in creativity and organization. What has been achieved has made this project a landmark for the city of Florence and a linchpin for the revitalization of it’s downtown.