Value Engineering

Architects are known for having big egos.  Nothing quite humbles an architect more than getting his favorite piece of the design removed because "it exceeds the budget".  Unless you are a internationally renowned architect that breaks most every budget given, architects experience this humbling moment many times.  Value engineering is a phrase/concept that is scary and (sometimes) maddening to hear, but it is such a very important part of being a successful architect.  That is, if we define success as creating places that improve communities and making spaces that are beautiful to inhabit.  We, at Key Architecture, want projects to happen.  We want to see buildings built and clients satisfied.  It is our job to put the individual pieces of budget, time, program, beauty & relationships together to make a successful puzzle.  Giving up our ego to make our client's building fit in their budget is a necessity.  We must think of our clients as better than us if we want to successfully serve them and have them recommend us or return to us.  I hope that our firm will be marked with this kind of service.