Restoring People

The Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties just recently had their ground breaking for a world-class Dialysis Access Institute.  It will serve to heal and restore the people all over the county, state and nation.  What a privilege it is to be part of a facility that is so directly connected to improving people's lives from all walks of life.

My hope in this, is that our architecture, the spaces that we have designed, will assist in making the physical spaces where the healing happens an enjoyable environment for staff and patients.  Maybe our daylight-filled waiting room can bring hope and encouragement to those patients that may be anxiously awaiting surgery.  Maybe our flying cantilevered canopies can give passers-by and patients a moment to pause and enjoy a small wonder of architecture and engineering accomplishments.  Maybe our clear interior layout can give systematic improvements to the complicated functions of a surgery center.  Maybe the materials and paint colors in the building can help ease and heal the mind.  In these ways, we can help echo in the built environment what is happening in the human environment: hope, creativity, accomplishment, healing, etc.

Our hope at Key Architecture is that we can add to the physical, mental and spiritual flourishing that needs to happen in a sometimes broken and painful world.  I know that this world class facility will do these things successfully and we feel honored to be a contributor to it.  Although It does make our job challenging, the fulfillment in seeing it come together is what inspires us.